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Omshakthiastrologers Scorpio Year 2017 Horoscope:

Scorpio Personality Traits:

Scorpio Quality: Loyal, brave, passionate, stubborn, Jealous and manipulative

Lucky Number: 7,11

Lucky Color: Red

Ruling Planet: Mars


Scorpio Love Life: For Scorpio’s love life would be better than the past years for now and it will be good if you are able to keep your relationships balanced. Do not hold back any secrets from your partner if you need to do well in your relationship. Other wise, there will be number of misunderstanding and trust issues which are bound to weaken your bonding. . Tell them how you feel and what you need out of your relationship. Couples who are already in a loving relationship can move forward to the next level and are ready to get married. Try not to wait for love to come to you, since it won’t. You might just meet someone who opens you up to the world of romance.

Scorpio Friends and Family: Family would be a very emotional area for you during this year. You will get support and help of your family and friends and you will enjoy their company. But, there would be some misunderstandings here. You have to plan some trips and can be managed with your love, affection and care. You will get many opportunities to have fun with your friends.
Scorpio Finance: Scorpio’s would find their financial standing improve through the course of the year. There would be much expenditure but then your inflow would be able to balance the same. You will get new sources of income. Many new and bright opportunities for business expansion and growth will occur. This year, your expenditure and income will stay equal.
Scorpio Career: You’re going to be working hard this year, This year is lucky to scorpio professionals and students for progress and success in their respective professional field.

Scorpio Compatible signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Leo and Aquarius.

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Omshakthiastrologers Libra Year 2017 Horoscope:

Libra Personality Traits:

Libra Quality: Kind, beauty lovers, Peace, Truthful, Unreliable and self-pity

Lucky Number: 1,6

Lucky Color: Blue, Green

Ruling Planet: Venus


Libra Love Life: For Libra, this year would be stable and steady in terms of love and marriage matters. There would be a lot of romance and sensuality to keep your love life. Your partner would be fond of a rich lifestyle.Some misunderstanding may come, you will have issues with your partner and would be sort of tricky for the year ahead. You need to keep your inner feelings balanced. Balance would be the key to a good love life. A positive approach will do wonders in bringing closeness with your special someone.

Libra Friends and Family: Libra Horoscope for family suggest that you have a wonderful year with your family and dear ones. Your family life would be good throughout the year. There is nothing to impact your relationships. But your career and profession life might become the cause of some issues between you and your dear ones. A good balance between your career and family life would see this year ahead.

Libra Finance: During the year 2017, Libra, you would have a balanced financial position. Your budget might go off bounds and you are known to maintain balance in all aspect of life and this year. You should work extra hard to acquire good wealth. There would be huge expenses in this year, so your financial status would fluctuate this year rapidly. Don’t spend too much on things you do not need. Developing some new social connections will be quite helpful in making more money.

Libra Career: Libra horoscope predictions suggest that the Libra’s always try to learn new things. These new skills that you will acquire will surely help you in the long run to get success in your job. In order to grow in your career, you have to be very committed to things you are doing. Libra’s who are in business should be careful while starting new a business, as this year, profit would be quite less.Your profits would fluctuate throughout the year. Your career field would require you to bring newness, glory and commitment into it.

Libra Compatible Signs: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Cancer and Capricorn.

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Omshakthiastrologers Virgo Year 2017 Horoscope:

Virgo Personality Traits:

Virgo Quality: Creative, Generous, Cheerful, Loyal, Stubborn and dominating

Lucky Number: 1,10

Lucky Color: Gold, Orange, yellow

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo Love Life: Virgos are some of the most romantic People and love to take care of their loved ones in the Horoscope. They are completely devoted to their relationships. You will do more for your partner than yourselves. Sometimes it really is better to give than to receive in love matters. Beware of an third eye who wants to try to break up your relationship with your beloved one. What you have is special and unique to you.

Virgo Friends and Family: Those born under the Virgo sign suggests that you will be blessed with healthy relationships with your loved ones. Virgo’s are not expressive, they will show their love through actions. you will enjoy great compatibility with your family members. Family relationships and friendships will go good way. Planning a vacation with your family members, will always earn good deeds.

virgo (2)
Virgo Finance: Financially this year will be balanced. You may have income from more than one source which will increase your income, and forward progress is definitely happening. you will learn the tricks of budgeting and investment will have a great chance of doing extremely good. With your extra energy you can earn more and improve your standard of living.

Virgo Career: Virgos are practical, analytical and hard-working. For Job-seekers, this year will be a good year in the work place and you will meet with good fortune in big industries. your smart work will give you very good results when your creative powers will high. Promotion and good hike in salary is expected.

Virgo Compatible Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Gemini and Sagittarius.

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Omshakthiastrologers Leo Year 2017 Horoscope:

Leo Personality Traits:

Leo Quality: Creative, Generous, Cheerful, Loyal, Stubborn and dominating

Lucky Number: 1,10

Lucky Color: Gold, Orange, yellow

Ruling Planet: Sun

Leo Love Life: People born under Leo have lot of romance, fun, loyal towards their beloved ones. You can expect a lot of romance and love from your partner in your life along with good level of understanding. Leos are also known to be very dominant to their loved ones, they will take the role of a leadership in their relationship. But in return from their partners they desire unfailing loyalty, strength of character to their nature and dominance. Always have the best of the best. If you have any problem in your love life, our love problem specialist astrologer in Australia, will give you complete solutions for all your love problems and bless you with happy life.

Leo Friends and Family: Leos are Trust worthy, loyal and straight forward. Family relationships will get stronger this year. You will be blessed with healthy relationships. They really care and love their family, friends and  they make sacrifices in their own life to help friends and bond. You should be able to spend your time with your family and children to keep your company balanced and happy. Get together with your old friends makes out your life chill.

Leo Finance:  This year will bring good results in your finance and that there is a good chance that the Leo’s will come into a lot of money this year. This is the right time to plan your finance and to make some investments may earn gains. you would experience an increase in your income and you would gain good wealth. Over all, this year will be positive in your financial matters.

Leo Career: This year is going to have a great time to get your plans into action. New opportunities are waiting for you and you would be able to frame your career as per your ideas. Don’t be afraid to take them on, even if they might affect your career in a positive or negative way. In order to be successful, you also need to meet people and build good relationships with your seniors, that would work well in your community. These associations are also very helpful in resolving minor issues at work challenges.

Leo Compatible Signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius

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Omshakthiastrologers Cancer Year 2017 Horoscope:

Cancer Personality Traits:

Cancer Quality: Loyal, Stubborn, Emotional, Moody and Insecure

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Color: White

Ruling Planet: Moon

Cancer Love Life: People born under cancer are highly emotional in their relationships with someone who they can really trust. They are extremely loyal to their loved ones. Feelings will provide comfort and you’ll have opportunities to make changes that strengthen the bonds between you and your beloved one’s. You may some misunderstandings with your partner, you have to avoid it for behalf of your relationship. If you are single, some occasional colorful opportunities might come up this year. This year will bring you some good fortune with a few challenges in your love life.

Cancer Friends and Family: This year will be quite harmonious. Family horoscope predicts that you will experience changes in equations with your family members, you would be able to shape or retune your relationships as per your wishes and will. When it comes to friends they are highly loving and protective. This way you will be able to spend good time with your near and dear ones.  Children will bring joy even in times of stress, so be sure to keep them in your sights.

Cancer Finance:  Your financial status would be quite balanced for the year ahead. On one hand you may have gain good profit and on the other hand, some losses would also take place. Therefore, you must work on controlling your expenses. By the mid of the year, you are likely to have gained some stability. Your professional growth and commitment would improve your financial standing through out the year.

Cancer Career: Career would be highlighted in the year 2017 for Cancer people. Your hard work will bring good results and appreciated as the star employees in your career. with your career growing great, you will get good earnings for you. Your network will have a good company for you. There are chances of appreciations and promotion from your superior’s.

Cancer Compatible Signs: Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries and Libra

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Omshakthiastrologers Gemini Year 2017 Horoscope:

Gemini Personality Traits:

Gemini Quality: Cheerful, Gentle, Clever, Curious, Communicative, Nervous, Shrewd and emotional.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Color: Yellow, Orange and Green

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Gemini Love Life: The year 2017 predicts a beautiful romantic time and seems to be a positive year for your love and romance. Gemini’s are likely to have a new, exciting and sexually loving relationship. You want to love and be loved by someone too. August is another good time for love and romance.  Loving relationship between you and your partner will add glow to your love life. Geminis who are in long term relationships, they will be apt to get married and raise a family.

Gemini Friends and Family: You may have happy environment at your home. Gemini’s will enjoy bliss in their daily life with family and friends. Friends this year may surprise you. You may get some good luck in this year through your spouse, where you would be fortunate enough to enjoy life with your family, Children, friends and live prosperously. Your children would be more attached to you in this year.

Gemini Finance:  In this year 2017, Wealth would become your focus, to make investments and you must use them to make long term investments which will surely bring wonderful profits. But you should maintain balance in your finance in mid June to mid September of the year. After that, Good arrival of income would be there, as you would search various opportunities to boost your income. you need to work harder to receive good gains, to bring forward many pleasant opportunities and growth in finances.

Gemini Career: your work life is bound to be less stressful and easier on you as well. 2017 Gemini career horoscope describes that during this year, you may change your job location or company and it would lead to rise in your career. you will get opportunities to show your talents and you may be offered a new position with more responsibilities, will bring good hike in your position. This will make you seem more important at work, leading to tremendous success in future years. In business  Mental distress would increase, as work pressure would demand much of your time. You will have luck with you, if you deal with offshore clients. All you need to do is keep a kind attitude.

Gemini Compatible Signs: Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius and Pisces.

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Omshakthiastrologers Taurus Year 2017 Horoscope:

Taurus Personality Traits:

Taurus Quality: Generous, Dependable, Independent, Possessive, stable and Devoted

Lucky Number: 6, 5

Lucky Color: Green

Ruling Planet: Venus

Taurus Love Life: Taurus , the outset of the year seems quite promising in love matters  and you will come off as a good lover and a cool personality. You want your romantic relationship to have a solid foundation and it will help you calm down the storm in love life and thereby bring boost to your relationship with each passing day. You would be in a cool mood, and it will help you to go for a long-term relationship that may result in marriage as you have a favorable period going on.

Taurus Friends and Family: Taurus people enjoy healthy relationship with family and friends. And they will get opportunity to go out and meet new people in this year. Your family and friends care for you and you will reflect the same way. May be sometimes, you can’t express your love. But, through words you will show. Enjoy good relationship with your family and friends.

Taurus Finance: You may have more bound inflow of money than usual. This financial for Taurus horoscope are extremely wealth conscious. This period is also a good time for planning finances with a long term view, and your luck will support you in financial matters.  But, in the periods between June to august, financial prospects will come with up and downs. Hope for the best. You will be a balanced  one with your earnings in this financial year.

Taurus Career: The beginning of the year will be a tough period for career. But, Taurus are likely to find the pace of their work a real challenge this year. A good opportunity will come knocking at your door, to bring success into your life.

Taurus Compatible Signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces,  Leo and Aquarius.

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