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Houses that face South-east course are consider normal on the grounds that being the place of “agni” it must be the position of kitchen, still most Vastu specialists don’t think of it as most noticeably bad. Be that as it may, if there is no kitchen in South-east then it ought to be free from some other development, for example, family room for couple or other.
Fire is one of the critical component and embodiment of our life and to have everything all together this huge heading ought to be kept under control from Vastu absconds. Other most appropriate reason for which South-east corner can be utilized are for making electrical opening, putting generators, boilers and so forth yet can’t be utilized for whatever other valuable reason.

• South-east-bound house ought not be left open from the front.
• Other than kitchen in this part electrical gear, heater and transformer can be fused.
• Avoid any sort of expansion in Southern part as it can bring misfortune, disaster and loss of wellbeing. Expansion in South-east bit prompts overwhelming obligations, loss of riches, sleep deprivation and indulgence.
• Southern part of region ought to be cooperated with substantial material yet never build frightened or pooja room, room, or family room particularly in South-east. South-west can have over-head tank and storage space however not adore room.
• Avoid any waste or septic tank in South-east bit since it can bring hardship like robbery, fire mishap and different issues.
• Marriageable young men ought to never rest in South-east corner room as it can postpone their wedding ringers.
• Wrong development or any deformity in South-east corner offers ascend to issues in ladies inhabitant.
• Sleeping in this corner prompts forceful nature, pressure, stress and a sleeping disorder.
• For consistent, dynamic and serene life dodge any deformity in South-east corner.

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